About us

E-commerce has put the world at our fingertips, drastically changing the way that Canadians do business. Never before have there been so many purchases placed online, leading to an unprecedented number of packages being delivered all over the world each day. Amidst all of this, countries around the world have been working hard to strengthen their borders. As a result, trade regulations have become increasingly complex, making it difficult to keep up. Fortunately, Aeromax has you covered.

Founded in 1997, Aeromax Logistics is an international freight forwarding company based out of Montreal, Quebec. We arrange the transport of both domestic and international cargo through subcontracted truck, rail, marine and air freight carriers. Our industry experience and expertise has allowed us to develop strong relationships with our suppliers, providing an established and reliable network over the years.

Our success in the market stems from our focus on two key pillars of our business:

  1. Enhanced customer experience; and
  2. Continuous development of our network of trusted partner carriers.

These two pillars have allowed us to offer our clients at the best prices, routes and modes of transport available at various points in their supply chain. Getting the results you need requires the right approach, and it all starts with taking the time to understand your business to ensure that we can implement the best solution for you. It’s our way of doing business.

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